Primary business activity code of "Interfast" - 4321 - Electrical installations, which means electrical dust and connectors...

About our activity

"Interfast" carried out electrical works on over a thousand buildings in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

About reference

Company "Interfast" doo was founded in 1993. It deals with design and execution of electrical works in the construction industry

About us

Interfast Directorate:
Ovčanski put 32
11212, Ovča, Beograd, Srbija
Tel: +381 11 2452 810

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Quality Standards

In addition to the experience of our management team and employees with the necessary licenses, and recognitions for the works carried out so far, and having modern machinery and tools, we guarantee our business partners the quality of our services also with certificates on meeting the required standards in the field of engineering, electrical installation and electrical equipment and services.

The relevant certification bodies issued to the company "Interfast" the following certificates:

Quality Management System (QMS)

Environmental Management System (EMS)

Occupational Health and Safety (OHSAS)

Energy Management System

Care about the quality of the works is our business policy foundation, and it certainly would not be complete without the application of standards for environmental protection, as well as the standards on the health and safety protection of our employees.

Certificates of compliance with modern standards of business are just another guarantee for the high quality of services we provide in the field of electric power engineering.